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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​2  1/2-Year Old Class

Our 2  1/2 -Year Class holds a maximum of 11 students per day.  We have 2-3 teachers in class each day.  This class focuses on many different developmental needs for your child. The two year old learns by using their senses and motor skills to navigate through their day.  We offer many opportunities for them to explore and learn in our classroom.   Our curriculum helps to lay the groundwork for reading and writing, developing early math skills, social skill development, potty training and so much more!  The classroom daily schedule consists of science, social studies, number skills, letter skills, arts & crafts, calendar recognition, shapes, colors, music, kind words, health & hygiene,social and emotional development skills, one to one learning time with the teacher, and school wide weekly themes.

​3-Year Old Class

Our 3-Year Class holds a maximum of 16 students per day.  We have two teachers in class each day.  Our three year class picks up where the two year class left off.   They will continue to scaffold and build on the skills and knowledge they have developed from the age of two to three.   If your child has never attended school and the 3 year class is their first school experience, this class will be perfect for them.   Three year old children are naturally ready to learn more as they become more independent thinkers.  The curriculum in this class consists of language development, social skill development, improvement in fine motor and gross motor skills, pencil grip, pre-writing activities, name recognition, identifying letters, number skills, counting, science, social studies, shapes, working with scissors, problem solving arts and crafts, music, and so much more!   

Transitional Kindergarten Class- The 4 Year Old Class


Kindergarten has changed so much over the​ past 10 years.  Children are now required to have a specific skill set and be evaluated before they are enrolled in kindergarten.  We at Little Earth Shepherds understand that children can often feel lost or develop a dislike for school settings if they feel they are not able to keep up with the work that kindergarten requires.  Our education team keeps in contact with the local public schools, to determine what will help our students to feel ready and confident after they graduate from our program.  This allows us to not only work with our own curriculum, but to include and remain current with Kindergarten evaluation standards.

Summer Programs


The learning continues!   Our summer programming is not only fun, but it continues to teach essential Kindergarten skills, social skills and allows our children to gain confidence and independence in school and social settings.   We offer experiences that exercise the mind and body.

We have sprinkler days, pizza Fridays, dance parties, arts & crafts, STEM activities, Kindergarten Readiness classes , yoga, face painting and so much more!   

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