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Our Dedicated Staff

Our staff is made up of dedicated educators who are well versed in the best practices of Early Childhood Education.  Teachers are required to keep up with state required professional devolopment standards and are always receiving ongoing Early Childhood Education Training throughout the year! Each member of our staff works to continuously evaluate the curriculum to meet the individual needs of each child.  They strive to provide an environment that fosters spontaneous learning in everything they do.  

Meet our Director: Ms. Marygrace


Marygrace is a former educator of 6 years. Her passion for early childhood education comes from being mentored by her mother who was a Pre-K teacher for nearly 20 years. She was encouraged to pursue education in the hopes of one day making a positive impact on the lives of many children to come. She graduated from Kean University with a bachelor’s degree in English Composition and History. She completed and was certified in teaching grades P-5 at Monmouth University. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she found herself teaching kindergarten and truly loved building and shaping her students’ educational foundation. She always had an itch to lead and make more of a difference.

Meet our Lead Teachers

Preppers (Daycare) Lead Teacher: Ms. Denise

My name is Ms. Denise! I’m a lifelong resident of East Brunswick. I’m married and have two sons, whave 2 cats and 1 dog! Prior to working at LES I was a guide dog instructor at The Seeing Eye for 17 years training guide dogs and their blind students. As a teacher of such young children, I want to create and maintain a safe, fun, supportive, and nurturing learning environment! 


Pre-K 3 Lead Teacher: Ms. Guitrie

My name is Ms. Guitrie and I have been a preschool teacher for over 22 years! I have been at LES for the last 7 years and both of my children got their start here too! As a preschool teacher, it is important for me to make sure my students are learning, laughing and having fun. In our class we make sure each child gets kind, considerate attention to help them grow and reach their own potential. We prioritize structure and get a jump start on growing into routines. 


Pre-K 4 Lead Teacher: Ms. Jessy

My name is Ms. Jessy and I am the Pre-K 4 teacher! I have been a teacher at LES for 8 years. I absolutely love working with children; seeing how much they grow and their enjoyment of what they are learning is my passion! My philosophy as an early childhood educator is that I believe learning is happening all the time! Children are constantly learning through physical, social/emotional, cognition and communication. My goal is to make this ongoing learning experience safe, positive and fun for your child as I strive to guide them into the next stage of development with confidence in themselves and an excitement for continued learning!  

Meet the rest of our staff


Ms. Carly


Ms. Brianna


Ms. Gigi


Ms. Gina

Ms. Jennifer

Ms. Margie

Ms. Jamie

Ms. Bri

Ms. Maria

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